Welcome to my blog –

By way of introduction, I am Marie – a Louisiana girl living in the Midwest World.  I am the mother/step-mother to five and a “half” girls.  Huh?  Yeah, that’s the only way it makes sense in our crazy, blended family.  My daughters by birth are Megan and Brooke.  I am step-mom to Brandy, Shelby, and Mallory, the daughters of my husband, Todd.  Where does the “half” come in?  Lauren – my ex-husband’s older daughter.

Life handed us all an unexpected blow in March 2017.  Our youngest girl, Brooke, was killed in a car accident.  She was driving to a horse show in Gulfport, Mississippi and sadly was the lone fatality in a four-car wreck.  Brooke was 17 years-old and lived a life full of passion.Version 3

The first thing that I noticed about being a bereaved mom was that hope was hard to find.  I went to different support groups anticipating to find some semblance of expectation, no matter how small.  Presuming that I’d find others who could illuminate a path from the deep darkness that first consumes you when you hear the news that you’ve lost a child back to light.  It was hard to find.  So, I set out on a journey to create a path through and out of the darkness.  I’m on a journey to find hope in what can seem at times like a hopeless world.

This leg of my journey is new so expect winding roads.  Expect starts and stops.  Perhaps a u-turn or two.  If you are up for the bumpy ride – come alongside. Let’s set out together on a journey of hope.