Today Sucks

It’s Monday but it’s Monday-ier than most. Thick and heavy like a London fog. Thick with loss. Heavy with chaos.

Three years ago today began about as normal as a day could. So normal that but for the events that transpired later in the day, I wouldn’t be able to detail a single thing about that day. The events later in the day, however, have forever seared this date into my consciousness. It’s the day that a reckless driver stole my daughter, Brooke, from us. Thick with loss.

To make matters more Monday-ier, SARS-C0V-2/Covid-19 (“Coronavirus”) has the entire world in turmoil. The state of world affairs is literally changing at a pace not before seen in my lifetime. These Coronavirus flood waters are still rising so it is yet to be seen where it will leave its final mark. Heavy with chaos.

Yet, even in the middle of this sucky, thick, heavy day – I have to remind myself that loss and chaos DO NOT reign. Loss and chaos DO NOT get the final word.

HOPE reigns. HOPE gets the final word.

Thankfully, we really need not look very far to see it.

The country of Italy is rising up in collective song from their balconies despite a national lockdown in response to the Coronavirus. Churches are using modern technology to “connect” people even when we are encouraged (and in some case commanded) to “social distance.” One church held services “drive-in” movie-style.

Did you hear the story about the elderly couple afraid that they might expose themselves to the virus while grocery shopping? They waited 45 minutes in the parking lot until they found a stranger who would take their list and gather their groceries for them. They did. They found someone kind enough to do just that.

These stories of HOPE will continue to multiply.

Even in my own little world, HOPE can’t be obscured by the thick and the heavy. Three years down the road, my friends and family still remember today. They have called and sent cards and texts messages encouraging me. Sharing memories. Sending prayers. (Thank you all!)

Beyond my own little world, today is “3/16 Day” when people are reminded of the most well-known and most frequently quoted verse in the Bible.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16, NIV

On the suckiest of days (and especially today), this reminder is a tremendous source of HOPE. This is the fulfillment of a promise of an eternal life that will be free of tears and pain. Even on our worse days, we are reminded that a day will come when chaos and loss will no longer exist.

Wiped away with our tears.

Knowing that this day is on the horizon takes the sting out of today’s chaos and loss.

Dear Father,

Thank you for providing HOPE in the midst of the chaos and loss of this world. Thank you for mapping out the road to eternal life free of tears. Free of pain. Free of chaos. Free of loss. Free of death.

Until the day that we enter into eternal life, help us sing out over the cacophony of chaos. Show us the beauty in the ashes of loss. Guide us not only to see the HOPE in this world, but also be the HOPE for the sake of our neighbors. We pray this through your Son, Jesus.

P. S. Please give my baby girl a hug and a kiss. Let her know how much I love and miss her. Until we are all together again – hold her in the palm of Your hand.


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